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  1. Akraos

    Ban Appeal Formatting

    Uh oh, you've been a bad cookie :oops: Well, according to us but maybe you don't feel the same way! Here you can appeal your ban/punishment by following the template! All ban appeals are private so only staff members will be allowed to view and respond! Thank you! 1. In game Username: 2. Date...
  2. Akraos

    Server Rules

    Here is a list of the KosmosPvP Network Rules! Server Rules 1. If you are banned / muted, do not evade the punishment. 2. Do not use a Hacked Client of any kind. 3. Extreme levels of toxicity will be punished. 4. Do not release personal information that is not...
  3. Akraos

    Faction Rules/Allowed Clients

    Here is a list of the Faction Rules and Allowed Clients! Faction Rules/Raiding Rules 1. No Roof cannons, unless the Y level of the roof is under 254. 2. No Phase cannons. 3. No Horizontal Pseudo cannons. 4. No Left/Right shooting cannons but are allowed to...
  4. Akraos

    Factions Staff Application Formatting

    Thank you for taking an interest and wanting to help out at ⚔🌎 KosmosPvP 🌎⚔ We really appreciate you taking the time to fill out this form and overall dedication to improving the network. Listed in this thread are things that we would like to know about you to see how you would fare as a staff...