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Alphapvps_ Staff Application


New member
First and Last Name: My real name will be in the application i put in ticket 23 on discord
Age: 13
In game Username: Alphapvps
Discord Username: Alphapvps#3206
1. Where are you from (Country and State/Region): U.S Michigan
2. Do you have a rank on Factions: First rank (Redeemed)
3. Why do you want to be apart of the Staff: Because i see a lot of people breaking rules like some people saying the n word in almost ever msg in chat this season or people have multiple raid claims on one side of the buffer i also want to take this opportunity to gain staff experience both for the servers improvement and my moderating, action, choices, and judgment.
4. How many hours can you dedicate to Faction per week: Almost all day everyday depending on if i go back to school.
5. How long have you been playing on Factions: 4 years
6. How long do you intend to be apart of the Staff: As long as my faction plays here, the server has people playing, and as long as i can help out and have fun.
7. Rate your Factions skill from 1-10 (Knowledge of Cannons, Terminology, Experience): i would rate about rate myself 7/10 I'm not that skilled at cannoning and don't know all the terms.
8. Can you memorize the Rules/Faction Rules and clarify all questions asked: Yes I am always taking my now to read over the rules and try to memorize them to the best of my ability.
9. If multiple players are complaining about one player spamming them with messages but the player denies it, what do you do: I should ask the players being spammed for proof. I could also log on to an alt and see if they do it to me.
10. If a player is bothering you and generally being disrespectful to you, what do you do: Depends i could either ignore them or ask them to stop if they don't and it gets to the point where it cant be tolerated they will get a verbal warning.
11. In your opinion, what is a suitable punishment for someone who broke the rules: That depends on what type of rule they broke not only that but if sever enough they could be banned
12. In your opinion, what is a suitable punishment for someone who breaks the rules again after being warned/punished: Again it depends on what rule they broke and how many times in some cases depending on the severity they could be banned like using a hacked client.