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Faction Rules/Allowed Clients

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Here is a list of the Faction Rules and Allowed Clients!

Faction Rules/Raiding Rules
1. No Roof cannons, unless the Y level of the roof is under 254.
2. No Phase cannons.
3. No Horizontal Pseudo cannons.
4. No Left/Right shooting cannons but are allowed to left/right shoot within the base that you have breached.
5. No Wall removers.
6. No clock or huge auto-sand comp plates.
7. Semi-autocannons are allowed, along with printing sand with alt accounts.
8. No cannons that shoot faster than once every 4 seconds, unless the barrel and shot of the cannon is at or under Y=20.
9. Any type of reverse cannon at any Y level which shoots faster than once every 4 seconds are not allowed.
10. No cannons that destroy 2 or more walls in one shot.
11. You cannot use multiple cannons in an attempt to bypass this rule.
12. A faction can only fire 1 cannon at a time while raiding a faction base or cannon box. If you want to switch cannons, you must wait 15 minutes before firing.
13. A faction can only raid from one side of a base at a time. If you want to switch sides, you must wait at least 15 minutes.
14. If a faction is caught using an illegal cannon, they will instantly receive a faction warning. (There will be no verbal warning).
15. Users who build an illegal cannon will receive a Violation 3 faction punishment.
16. If a faction is breached by an illegal cannon, the value will be stripped from the faction that used the cannon. The value will be reinstated to the faction that got raided.
17. Only one faction is allowed to raid a base at once. No other factions or players are allowed to be at the base being raided, besides the faction raiding and the faction being raided. Another faction may start raiding 10 minutes after the previous raid is terminated. A raid is terminated if the defenders destroy the cannon or the faction stops raiding for 15 minutes. 1 faction warning will be issued to the faction(s) that started raiding after the first faction.
18. Only the faction that is being raided can defend the base and help stop the raid.
19. Freecamming either on an alt account or main account will result in a faction warning being issued to the faction (main faction will receive a faction warning if freecam happened via an alt faction), as well as a ban punishment on the main account (if an alt account is used).
20. Raid claims cannot be larger than 12x12 and anti-raid claims cannot be larger than 6x6. This means that the width and length of the claims cannot exceed 12 chunks either direction (raid claims) or 6 chunks (anti-raid claims).
21. During the grace period, any “bitch” claims will be removed. Afterwards, they will not be removed.
22. Each faction is only allowed one corner on the server. There is a total of 20 corners. You cannot claim corners on an alt account. Accounts can be checked by staff.
23. Insiding a faction is not allowed whatsoever. This involves joining and griefing or tping in another faction. Violators can be punished by temp ban or ban.
24. Whoever has the true corner in a chunk (the one that touches both border corners) gets the corner claim. Any other claims will be removed in the surrounding area, as the faction that has the true corner presides over other factions. (“Bitch” claims will only be removed during the grace period).
25. Base Buffers cannot be bigger than 20 chunks. You are not allowed to use other factions or alt factions to bypass this rule.
26. Gap bases and Gap raid boxes are not allowed (Anti-Pearl defense).
27. The anti-raid claims of a faction cannot act as an extended buffer, meaning that they cannot be in line of the faction’s base.
28. Each faction is allowed 1 raid claim per side of a buffer. You cannot use an alt faction to bypass this rule.
29. If you are wanting to make a base next to another base, there must be a 60 chunk gap between the end of the two buffers.
30. You are only allowed to have 40 Sand/Gravel/Anvil walls per side of a buffer.
31. You are only allowed to have 10 anti nuke walls per side of a buffer.
32. You are not allowed to have a raid claim on the base of your allies.
33. Piston regen walls are not allowed. If used, they will be removed and your faction will receive 1 faction warning.
34. No Regens allowed. Factions may be punished and warned for doing so.
35. Max of 10 faction alts.
36. Giving value such as spawners or money to other factions is not allowed.
37. Allies cannot claim next to each other, bases must be at least 50 chunks apart.
38. Watering Spawners is not allowed and will be removed if reported and awarded to raiding faction.

Allowed Clients/Modifications
1. Cinematic Modifications
2. Player Animations Mod
3. Backtools
4. Mob Dismemberment
5. Mo' Bends
6. Hat and Cape Modifications
7. Dynamic Lights
8. Item Physic
9. GammaBright
10. ChatLog
11. TabbyChat
12. SafeChat
13. ChatBubbles
14. BetterSprint Mod
15. ToggleSprint Mod
16. Compatibility Modifications
17. Schematica
18. Minimap and Waypoint Mods
19. Too Many Items
20. CraftGuide
21. Damage Indicators
22. ArmourHUD
23. Status EffectHUD
24. DirectionHUD
25. AppleCore
26. CPS Mod
27. Keystrokes Mod
28. Optifine
29. 5zig
30. LabyMod
31. Cosmic Client - nobreadcrumbs
32. Badlion Client
33. Hyperium Client
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